Meet the founders

We’re no Zuckerberg. We’re a group of marketers hellbent on fixing the growing distrust between customers and the companies that misuse their data.

The problem isn’t a lack of talent or lawyers.

It’s the confusing legal terms, the rules that change too fast, and the pressure for employees to deliver results in less and less time. We’re here to close the knowledge gap, help you avoid fines, and support you in making better decisions that respect your customer’s privacy and still get results.

We’re glad you found us. We hope you believe in what we’re trying to do.

Scott Dooley

Scott’s expertise saw him grow one of the largest tech communities in London, advocating for user’s privacy and stronger data protection practices.

He has been featured by Entrepreneurial Scotland, is an IBM Certified Data Science Professional, and leads talks on compliance.

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Tiffany Vitti

Tiffany cut her teeth in advertising, working for one of the largest agencies in the world before moving into marketing for the tech start-up world.

She is a member of the Open Data Charter, been featured on Ada’s List, and regularly writes about tech and data protection.

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“We were tired of witnessing a reckless, take-it-all, store-it-all approach to customer’s data. It’s time to end whispers about the wrong way marketers handle data. It’s time to start conversations on how we can better protect customers, be ethical, responsible, and proud of our work.”

Scott and Tiffany, on why they created Measured Collective.

Measured Collective helps you understand, comply with and excel at data-privacy legislation.

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We analyse the growing array of data privacy legislation and figure out what it really means for marketers. We communicate this to you in a way you can understand, telling you what it means for the tech you use every day like web analytics, CRM & email marketing software.



We offer training that will help your team get to grips with the essentials of data privacy legislation. We assess your knowledge of your legal responsibilities and help you assess your brand’s level of compliance. We identify where you can improve and provide practical recommendations of how to do so.



We represent marketers interests so that policy-makers understand the implications of their legislation on trade. We try to shake marketers’ bad reputation. We challenge the marketing industry to show high standards of compliance and to respect customer’s personal data.

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