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Most companies get 
wrong, leaving them open to fines.

Measured Collective helps you train your team properly, so you can use data the right way and skip the fines.

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A collection of online training courses covering UK GDPR, EU GDPR, PECR and more. Go unlimited and get access to refresher training that will keep your team sharp.



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Get access to a growing library of data privacy compliance templates that will allow you to build your own programme and help fulfil your documentation requirements.


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Keep the focus on your growth, we’ll sort the data compliance

Work directly with our data privacy experts. Get proactive support and expert guidance at a considerable discount to hiring in-house talent or lawyers by the hour.

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UK GDPR Audit Average score: 5.4
UK PECR Audit Average score: 6.3

GDPR Fines 2020

€ 171,582,286

Cumulative Total
GDPR Enforcement Tracker

Privacy Active Consumers


% of Respondents in
Cisco's 2020 Privacy Survey

GDPR Fines 2021

€ 1,052,710,840

Cumulative Total
GDPR Enforcement Tracker

GDPR Fines Uplift


(2020 to 2021)

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