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It’s time to be transparent about the choices that marketers are making.

We analyse marketing on three aspects

Respect for customer’s privacy

Customers are growing more aware of their data rights. Unethical use of their information damages any ongoing customer relationships.

Application of data privacy law

The risk is not only fines but orders from supervisory authorities to delete or to cease processing customer information.

Impact on the marketing industry

Marketing should grow a marketer’s personal portfolio, be effective for their company, and improve industry reputation.

How do we bring you this information

Through articles ranking companies on their marketing practices
We investigate the marketing practices from giants like Google to startups like Hey.

By answering questions from marketers.
Including what tools to use, what policies to update, and what makes a campaign successful.

With courses that make data legislation understandable.
GDPR, DPA18, CCPA, and more training for marketers and their teams.

Why does it matter?

It’s what customers are asking for.

Privacy Actives are a growing consumer segment, making up a third of respondents in a recent Cisco survey. The group represents consumers who are willing to act and have already done so by switching companies or providers over their data or data-sharing policies. This segment is getting too large to be ignored.

It’s a legal requirement.

Only 10% of the world’s population is covered by modern data privacy regulation. By 2023 this will be 65%. The penalties for non-compliance are serious. Under Art. 83(5) of GDPR, a fine can be issued of up to 20 million euros or up to 4% of total global turnover whichever is higher.

It’s the right (ethical) thing to do.

Left unchecked, the exploitation of personal data can lead to terrible things. By normalising this behaviour, marketers become part of the problem. We end up contributing to the mechanisms that threaten the stability of our society. We all have an ethical duty to do what’s right.

The numbers we’re tracking

GDPR Fines 2020

€ 254,367,094

Cumulative Total
GDPR Enforcement Tracker

Privacy Active Consumers


% of Respondents in
Cisco’s 2020 Privacy Survey

What marketers ask us

Does this mean getting rid of customer data?

No. It’s possible to respect customer’s privacy, whilst also employing a data-driven marketing strategy. Customers, just want to trust you with the information they share. A third of consumers have switched away from companies and providers that over their data privacy practices.

We experience these poor practices too often. It’s become normalised, with websites following us with tracking we didn’t opt in to. With newsletters we can’t remember signing up for. And with newspaper headlines about scandals like Cambridge Analytica and data-leaks from big name brands.

It’s frustrating and builds distrust.

Data is essential for building strong relationships with current and future customers. To make this sustainable, the focus needs to be on using it the right way.

Isn’t data privacy the responsibility of lawyers?

No. If you process data, it’s your legal responsibility. For marketers, that’s likely everyone on the team.

The stakes are high for your brand with fines under GDPR of up to 20 million euros or up to 4% of global turnover. It’s also your reputation on the line if a breach occurs on one of your campaigns.

So you’re a marketer?

We’ll cut to the chase.
Access to tools and technology has made data easier to access but harder to navigate.
Here’s the two steps you can take right now to improve the way you use data.

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