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Online GDPR and PECR training courses from Measured Collective help you train your team properly.

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GDPR Essentials


GDPR essentials course preview

Learn the essential GDPR knowledge you need to know to fulfil your role. This course gives each learner a solid awareness of GDPR. It also covers key areas where common compliance risks arise. Such as recognising SARs (subject access requests), data security and data breaches. Interactive mini-tasks will improve your data privacy confidence throughout the course, the end of unit assessment will test your overall knowledge and allow you to gain certification.

Recommended for:
All staff as part of GDPR awareness training. Induction training.

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GDPR Refresher Course


gdpr refresher course preview

Test your current GDPR knowledge in our interactive GDPR refresher course. Video lessons will bring you up to speed with some of the most recent changes to how GDPR is applied across the UK and EEA. Interactive situational exercises will help you assess your knowledge and fill any gaps. And end of unit assessments will allow you to prove what you know and gain our refresher course certification.

Recommended for:
All staff as part of ongoing GDPR refresher training.

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PECR for Marketers

UK PECR – ePrivacy

This specialist course will bring you up to speed on PECR, the UK regulation that provides rules on direct marketing and the use of tracking technologies like cookies. You’ll learn how to apply the rules for b2c and b2b direct marketing. You’ll also learn how to apply tracking technologies on your website or app without risking a fine of up-to £500,000 under PECR.

Recommended for:
All marketing staff who send or oversee direct marketing campaigns (email, phone or SMS). And/or use advertising and analytics tracking cookies/pixels on company websites or apps, for example Google Analytics or Hotjar. This course can also add value for data protection staff wishing to expand their knowledge of the UK’s data protection and communications laws. Salespeople can also benefit from studying the direct marketing sections of this course.

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Ticks every box

Aligns with the ICO’s accountability framework.


Everything from awareness training for new employees, to specialist training for marketing and sales teams, to refresher training for experienced staff is covered.


Interactive scenarios and practical how-to-guides take your team from theory to practice in minutes.

We know what it feels like to worry you’re not doing the right thing
That’s why we set out to make it easy to get it right

How much can getting it wrong cost you?

1. Fines

Non-compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR can be costly. Under UK GDPR, a fine can be issued of up of up to £17.5 million or 4% of the organisation’s worldwide annual turnover, whichever is higher.

2. Investigations

There’s no greater buzzkill than a regulatory authority like the ICO turning up to your door to audit your processes, or in response to complaints.

3. Personal liability

It’s not just the company as a legal entity that can get into trouble. Individuals within the company can find themselves personally liable to be prosecuted for negligence under the Data Protection Act whether they committed the offence themselves, or they were negligent in a supervisory role.

4. Reputation damage

It’s hard for customers and prospective employees to trust your brand when the first thing they find about you in Google is news about your latest data breach. And if you end up moving on to a new role, you’ll need to be prepared for some awkward interview questions.

5. Losing out on investment

Investors can include data privacy law compliance as part of their due-dil, or as a bargaining chip. After all, how much is your business really worth if the customers on your database aren’t even legally contactable?

6. Failing supplier due-dil

Large companies often include data privacy law compliance as part of their procurement due-dil. If you can’t complete the paperwork, they can’t be your customer. 

7. Ethics and moral compass

Respecting the right of your customers, suppliers and employees to privacy is the right thing to do. We can all learn how to use data responsibly whilst still getting results.

8. Data deletion orders

If you are caught for non-compliance you may be ordered to delete data which was not properly acquired or processed. Similarly, applying data protection law retrospectively may oblige you to delete valuable data such as customer databases.

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