Straight-forward, great-value data privacy training that
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Covering GDPR, DPA18, PECR, E-Privacy, CCPA and more.

Why you need it

Skip the fines

Non-compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR can be costly. Under Art. 83(5) of GDPR, a fine can be issued of up to 20 million euros or up to 4% of total global turnover whichever is higher. Staff training helps you avoid the mistakes which can lead to a fine.

Meet your legal obligations

Some data privacy laws require you to train your staff. The accountability principle of GDPR for example requires you to take organisational measures to comply and demonstrate compliance with GDPR. Without proper training of staff it would be difficult to fulfil this obligation.

It’s the right thing to do

Respecting the right of your customers and employees to privacy is the right thing to do. It also helps raise standards for marketing and sales professionals, so we can shake that bad reputation and start to rebuild trust.

Most data privacy training isn’t fit for purpose

The problems you face…

Generic and difficult to relate to

Law can be dull. And corporate training even duller. Run of the mill training that just repeats the law word for word might help you tick a box quickly, but that good feeling will fade just as fast. Inevitably, problems will start to arise because staff don’t understand how the law they just learnt about actually applies to the work they do everyday.

One-off, one-day training

Data privacy laws are constantly changing. Each court ruling can have huge implications for how data privacy law is applied. For example, a recent EU court case (EU Schrems II) made data-transfers between the EEA and US under the Privacy Shield illegal overnight. You need continual access to the latest advice to keep on top of it all.

Training that’s only for managers

Managers aren’t the only people processing personal data. Everyday your team are working with personal data in your CRM, on your websites or apps, and in email marketing or advertising platforms. If you want to run a tight ship, everyone needs to know at least the basics.

So we made something better

Data privacy training that’s…


Data privacy law can be dry, so we pull out all the stops to make it engaging. To give you peace of mind, each course includes interactive quizzes and simulations that help you be sure that your team really know their stuff.


It’s not only GDPR you need to think about. How does your current marketing comply with PECR or the CCPA? Our training is comprehensive, covering a wide range of data privacy laws. So when your brand starts selling in the US you can quickly get up-to-date with all the information you need without


New court decisions can change the meaning of existing data privacy law rapidly. Our training platform is regularly updated. So the next time the law changes, all your team need to do is log on and complete a short refresher module.

What’s included

Email alerts when legislation changes
Distraction free learning platform
Quizzes and interactive scenarios


12 Months Access
Courses start from £49 per seat
Get access to course updates, quizzes, certificates and checklists

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Course Catalogue

Comprehensive coverage for the world’s leading data privacy laws.

GDPR & DPA18 Essentials

4 Modules

CCPA & US Data Laws for Marketers

3 Modules

PECR & E-Privacy for Marketers

4 Modules

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