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A 100% free introduction to GDPR and data protection principles. 

In this short course we’ll cover some of the key concepts and principles of UK GDPR. We’ll look briefly at some examples of how it applies in practice and you’ll get an understanding of how GDPR fits into the array of other data protection and communications laws which affect how all of us are allowed to process personal data (within a commercial context).

At the end of the course you’ll have the opportunity to complete a mini assessment and gain a certificate to prove your knowledge and understanding.

You can put this certificate on your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Note: For employee data privacy training we recommend our more comprehensive GDPR Essentials Course which will help you meet your responsibilities under the accountability principle of UK GDPR. It covers the topics in more detail and contains more practical examples.

Why is it free?

We get it – data privacy laws are complex. At Measured Collective we are committed to improving people’s understanding of data privacy laws so that they can learn how to use data more effectively and rescue their risk of financial penalties or criminal prosecution. Making this basic course free means that more people can access this knowledge. 

1 hour // 100% online
UK GDPR – DPA18 (🇬🇧) ∘ EU GDPR (🇪🇺)

Article: Why we updated our free platform.

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Data privacy isn’t everyones’ favourite topic, so we get to the point. Each module is designed to keep you engaged and uses examples to bring difficult concepts to life.

Free certificate

Complete the end of course assessment and you’ll get a certificate which you can add to your CV or LinkedIn profile. Want to be able to track your progress? We recommend our GDPR Essentials course instead.

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Course content

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the key principles, data subject rights of the UK General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Understand how UK GDPR is enforced and how it fits into the data privacy law landscape: Data Protection Act, PECR, EU GDPR etc.
  • Be aware of some of your legal responsibilities under UK GDPR as an employee or owner of an organisation/company that processes personal data.

GDPR Training Recommendations

  • All employees should receive at least basic GDPR awareness training before they start processing personal data.
  • Employees who process significant volumes of data or who perform high risk data processing activities such as sales and marketing staff should receive additional training.
  • All employees should receive regular refresher training once to twice a year to ensure that they still understand how to apply GDPR and that they understand the legal impact of any recent changes.

Recommended for:

  • Gaining a basic understanding of GDPR and data protection concepts. For employee training we recommend our more thorough GDPR Essentials Course which will help you meet your responsibilities under the accountability principle of UK GDPR. If you already have knowledge of GDPR and have not completed further training within the last year we recommend that you try our GDPR Refresher Course.


There is no prerequisite for this GDPR training.

What do I need for this course?

This course is 100% online. You will need a computer and a stable internet connection to access the video lessons and interactive assessments.


  • Overview of GDPR
    • When does GDPR apply?
    • UK GDPR and EU GDPR
    • Fines and enforcement
    • High profile fines
  • Principles
    • Lawfulness, fairness and transparency
    • Purpose limitation
    • Data minimisation
    • Accuracy
    • Storage limitation
    • Integrity and confidentiality (security)
    • Accountability
  • Rights of the individual
    • The right to be informed
    • The right of access
    • The right to rectification
    • The right to erasure
    • The right to restrict processing
    • The right to data portability
    • The right to object
    • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling
  • Assessment – certificate on passing (score 75%+)

What you’ll learn…

In this course we cover many of the most important concepts of GDPR and related data privacy laws. You’ll finish the course with a firm understanding of what personal data is and what situations are covered by GDPR.

You’ll also have a basic awareness of each of the principles of GDPR and the rights of individuals (data subjects).

What people who have taken the course say

“Well explained”


“Easy to follow and understand”


“Simple and easy to understand, in layman’s terms.”


“Quick, simple to use, clear”


“Thank you for this opportunity”


“Very informative and interactive”


Basic course (free)

Dive straight into the first lesson.

Article: Why we updated our free platform.

Looking for GDPR training for employees?

Explore our more comprehensive GDPR Essentials course. Contains more examples and covers all of the biggest compliance risks.


How do I get the certificate?

At the end of the course there is a mini-assessment. Score 75%+ and you will have the option to “claim certificate”. Click on this link and enter your name into the pop-up. Your certificate will then be generated.

Can I put the certificate on my CV or LinkedIn profile?

Yes, of course!

I lost my certificate or need to update my name

If you lost your certificate, need to fix a mistake or did not claim it after completing the end of course assessment you will need to repeat the end of course assessment. Sorry! – But don’t worry, with your newfound GDPR knowledge it should be a piece of cake. If you are a customer of our paid courses – please note that you can download your certificate at any time by logging back into the paid courses platform (assuming your account is active).

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