Exciting updates to our free GDPR training course: streamlined access and enhanced user experience

At Measured Collective, we are always striving to provide the best possible learning experience for our community of over 5,000 people who have joined us to deepen their understanding of data protection and GDPR compliance. We’re excited to announce that our Free GDPR Training Course is now available on a more reliable platform with no login or sign-up required.

The Need for Change

Previously, our course platform required users to login and sign up, which, while commonplace, became a source of friction for many of our learners due to the design of the third party platform we relied upon. Occasional outages, a less than ideal quiz interface, and a complicated email verification process were among the difficulties encountered. Moreover, the third party platform’s approach to updates often left us, and in turn our customers, in the dark. New features would appear without notice, leading to confusion.

Commercial Constraints and Our Commitment to Education

Faced with these challenges and rising support costs we knew we need to take action. After careful consideration and feedback from our community, the decision was made to shift our free course to a new, more flexible platform.

A Fresh Start on Our Beta Platform

We are thrilled to welcome you to the new experience. Itโ€™s lightweight, simple and reliable. The platform is currently in beta (desktop only) while we make UI/UX improvements.

The primary feature – thatโ€™s arguably privacy conscious:

  • No Login or Sign-Up Required: Dive straight into the course material without the hassle of account creation or email verification.

Go to the first lesson.

What happens to the old platform?

We’ll be shutting this down soon (estimate by 1st March 2024) and will in true data protection style – be deleting the data stored. If you are in the middle of completing the free course we strongly advise you to continue via the new platform so that you won’t face any further disruption.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to the 5,000+ learners who have joined us on this journey.

We invite you to try the course. Remember if your budget allows we strongly recommend taking our GDPR Essentials course – itโ€™s paid but priced affordably. Itโ€™s designed especially for employee GDPR training and is packed full of practical examples so you not only understand the rules but get a feel for how you might need to apply them in your day to day work. On top of this you can also track your progress and record your scores as you complete the course. If you are going to learn, then why not do it properly?

Thank you for your continued support, and well done on taking positive steps with data protection!