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An online course on complying with GDPR & DPA18.
Packed full of relevant examples.

2 Modules  4-6 Hours  100% Online  Certification on Completion
GDPR(🇪🇺) DPA18(🇬🇧)

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We built a course that teaches you what you need to know about GDPR & DPA18. We packed it full of relevant examples. And then we future-proofed it, with modules that update when new laws emerge.

About GDPR & DPA18

500+ pages of regulation made concise

Find out what data legislation actually means in practice for marketers.

Get access to modern data policy templates

Get compliant quickly with templates that help you keep up with your documentation requirements under GDPR.

Created by expert marketers actively using these data practices

Built by marketers, for marketers. As featured on Ada’s List, Entrepreneurs’ Scotland & more.


Will I get a certificate?

Yes, on completion of the course you will be issued with a digital certificate. You can add this to your LinkedIn profile.

How long does the course take to complete?

It takes approximately 4-6 hours to study the entire course.

Do I need qualifications to take this course?

No. Our courses require no previous experience or qualifications. Marketers working in large corporations and marketers working in startups will equally benefit.

Do you have a product for teams?

Yes, we offer a team subscription that allows brands to train their whole marketing team in data privacy and other data skills. Please email our sales team if you would like more information –

How long will I get access for?

For as long as your subscription is active. You will also get access to refresher courses.

How can I claim my certification?

We will email you after you have completed the training.

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