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Get instant feedback on your UK PECR compliance with our free PECR audit tool.

Check your compliance with the UK’s direct marketing and communications law “PECR”. This law covers direct marketing channels including email, SMS and phone. It also provides rules on your use of cookies and tracking technologies such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.

This tool will help you make a basic assessment of your current compliance level. By completing this quick audit you will be able to identify some areas where you may need to change your current policies and procedures. Please be aware that this will only provide a surface level awareness of your current compliance issues. A full audit requires a more thorough assessment. You can contact our team directly to request a full audit.

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10 question quick check

Answer the questions below. Choose the best fit answer for your organisation.

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    Understanding your results

    Score 10: Well done. You have a good level of compliance and/or are privacy conscious.

    Score 7-9: Good work. But there are probably some areas where more work is required. Make sure you address any issues raised. Read the explanations in Step 3 to help determine what action you need to take.

    Score 0-6: Don’t panic. We’ve seen this many times, companies focused on growth can end up forgetting about those pesky data laws. Be aware that right now you are at risk of legal action which may result in an investigation and/or a financial penalty. But this is easily fixed, and you probably won’t need any lawyers unless your data use is complex. Read below to learn more about each issue. You can also join our email list which will keep you up to date when the law changes.

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    Some points to review

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    The problem with poor compliance


    Non-compliance with data privacy laws like PECR can be costly. Under PECR, a fine can be issued of up to £500,000 for non-compliance.


    There’s no greater buzzkill than a regulatory authority like the ICO turning up to your door to audit your processes, or in response to complaints.

    Ethical challenges

    Respecting the right of your customers and employees to privacy is the right thing to do. We can learn how to use data responsibly whilst still getting results.

    Criminal liability

    It’s not just the company as a legal entity that can get into trouble. Individuals within the company can find themselves personally liable to be prosecuted for negligence under the Data Protection Act whether they committed the offence themselves, or they were negligent in a supervisory role.

    Reputation damage

    It’s hard for customers and prospective employees to trust your brand when the first thing they find about you in Google is news about your latest data breach. And if you end up moving on to a new role, you’ll need to be prepared for some awkward interview questions.

    Losing out on investment

    Investors can include data privacy law compliance as part of their due-dil, or as a bargaining chip. After all, how much is your business really worth if the customers on your database aren’t even legally contactable?

    Failing supplier due-dil

    Established brands include data privacy law compliance as part of their procurement due-dil. If you can’t complete the paperwork, they can’t be your customer. 

    Data deletion orders

    If you are caught for non-compliance you may be ordered to delete data which was not properly acquired or processed. Similarly, applying data protection law retrospectively may oblige you to delete valuable data such as customer databases.

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    Fixing your compliance issues


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