Measured Collective Pro

Get compliant fast. Work directly with a data privacy law expert. Ask questions whenever you like and never face a data privacy roadblock again.

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Keep the focus on your growth

We’ll sort the data compliance

Your customers trust you to look after their data

Data privacy is a priority but it takes up too much of your time.

By using Measured Collective, you can keep your company up to date with your legal obligations. And put in place processes that will keep your customer’s data safe.

You can regain time that would otherwise be spent on compliance, and invest it into growing your business instead.

What is Measured Collective Pro?

Measured Collective Pro gives you access to a personal data privacy law advisor equipped with the tools, expert knowledge & processes required to make your business compliant. 

They’ll audit your data processes and flag any issues, and they’ll provide simple solutions so you can minimise your risk. 

They’ll communicate in plain english, and they’ll be on hand to answer questions so you never get stuck at a data privacy roadblock again.

You’ll get frequent updates from your advisor, including practical how to alerts when the law changes. Your advisor will also work with you to make sure that you have all the legally required documentation in place. As your business grows they’ll be on hand to help you stay compliant.

How does Measured Collective Pro stack up?

Some of your different options for improving compliance.

Option 1. Hiring Data Privacy Law Talent

Yearly, you would on average spend around £45K on an internal data privacy officer. [Average Base Salary: £41,477 (Source: Glassdoor) // Recruitment Costs at 10%: £4,147]

This is the best choice for brands with complex data use and compliance needs. 

However for most brands this is the least cost effective choice. And that’s before we even consider the costs of benefits, employer taxes, office space, ongoing training and equipment.

Option 2. Training your staff – DIY

Training for 3 Staff Members.
From £147 per year with Measured Collective DIY Training.

This is the most cost-efficient option for your team to get the base level knowledge required to meet GDPR’s accountability principle. 

But the ongoing work to stay compliant with data privacy laws can distract your team from their core work. 

And when tough questions arise, expert knowledge will be needed.

Option 3. Hire a lawyer

£350 per hour, cost dependent on experience.

A lawyer brings advanced expertise about data privacy law to your business. They can advise on legal issues surrounding the use of data privacy law and tell you what you need to do to comply but at a significant cost.

Each minute of their time is billable and that quickly adds up. Even with a lawyer to assist, you’ll still have a lot of work to do to discover all the data privacy issues within your business and to complete the documentation required by GDPR and other data privacy laws.

Option 4: Measured Collective Pro

It starts at £6,990 per year.

Measured Collective Pro provides you with a data privacy expert and compliance programme that will get your business on track – and keep it that way.

The service is delivered using a mixture of online reporting tools, personalised analysis of your website and business, professional compliance templates and one-to-one advice. Choosing Measured Collective Pro means you’ll be able to spend less time thinking about compliance and more time growing your business.

Why they choose us

Marketing managers

Marketing managers choose us so they can get on with delivering campaigns. Instead of adding complex approval processes to check for compliance that delay growth.

HR managers

HR managers choose us so they can relax knowing that the personal data they collect and process is compliant with data protection laws.


Entrepreneurs choose us so they can focus their time and energy on shipping product and making sales instead of being distracted by data privacy law.


Investors choose us as part of their due dil. So they can be confident in the data privacy policies of the companies they decide to invest in.

Is it right for my business?

This service is designed for businesses that process the personal data of citizens in either the UK, EEA, Canada, Australia or USA.

How do I get started?

Tell us about how your business processes data. We’ll check which Pro service you fall into and provide you with the key documents required to get started.

After this we’ll schedule a kick-off call to begin your first audit. In this audit we’ll highlight areas of concern and tell you how you can fix them. We’ll work together as a team to get your business compliant and keep it that way.