CCPA – US Data Laws course

An online course on complying with the CCPA and future US Data Laws.

2 Modules ∘ 3-4 Hours ∘ 100% Online ∘ Certification on Completion

We built a course that teaches you what you need to know about CCPA and future US Data Laws. We packed it full of relevant examples for marketers. And then we future-proofed it, with modules that update when new laws emerge.

Course outline:

  • Key concepts & definitions
  • Legal jurisdiction
  • Data breaches and security
  • US Data Laws
  • Technologies and tools
  • Audits and enforcements
  • CCPA in-practice for marketers
  • In-practice: Marketing
  • In-practice: Cookies & tracking technologies
  • In-practice: Marketing lists
  • In-practice: CRM
  • What’s action do you need to take now?
  • End of course quiz

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