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DPO as a Service

Under GDPR and DPA18 many companies need to hire a DPO – Data Protection Officer. Finding individuals with the right knowledge and experience is costly. And making mistakes can cost you even more.

How would it feel to have a reliable and knowledgeable DPO – for less than hiring one yourself? For most organisations an outsourced DPO is the best solution.

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Custom Training

The GDPR is clear – you have a legal responsibility to train your team. We can help you meet your requirements with customised training, that addresses the concerns of a specific industry (e.g. financial, hospitality, e-commerce, health), or a specific department (e.g. HR, Marketing, Sales, Operations).

When it comes to data privacy training, unengaged employees are a risk. It just takes one mistake for personal data to be able to leak outside of the organisation. So boring and irrelevant training is out. Instead, our knowledgeable trainers will use relevant examples to make a dry subject engaging. They’ll answer your team’s difficult questions, and will be sure to explain the why, so your employees carry out the how.

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Data Protection Audit / Gap Analysis

Documentation is a legal requirement under the GDPR accountability principle. Getting an independent audit of your organisation’s data privacy policies and procedures helps you comply and complete your documentation and reporting requirements. 

Our experts will work with you to identify where you need to take action and give you practical recommendations to rapidly improve your compliance. 

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Our technical experts ensure that your use of cookies and tracking technologies like (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Recaptcha, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar) is compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR.

Test us out. Email us with your website and we’ll provide a proposal for how to fix your issues.

Our team can provide a cybersecurity analysis of your existing IT policies and procedures, including the security of your website and other repositories of customer data such as CRMs and Databases.

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